Fermat Science (FR)

The association Fermat Science aims to promote and popularize mathematics and science, heritage and culture through the character and work of the famous mathematician Pierre Fermat. By its actions of popularization, Fermat Science hopes to contribute to encouraging more young people (especially girls) to move toward scientific careers. It has been developing teaching tools, exhibitions, and organizes events and workshops for schools and general public. For each of the projects developed, a scientific council validates the tools.

Fermat Science has been growing continuously for several years. Through its multiple partnerships, it has, over the years, gained notoriety. Since 2014, exhibitions and educational kits created by the association circulate in the national territory and since the beginning of 2015 in some European countries.


LogoPsyCom (BE)

Logopsycom is an education innovation centre that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET institutions, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized on learning disorders, among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and therefore always works on the accessibility of content. In the last years, we have developed an expertise in ICT in order to be more effective for our public and to have the possibility to present serious material such as STEAM or languages in other, engaging ways.

20, chemin de la Vallière 7000 Mons
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C.I.P. Citizens in Power (CY)

C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit organization. CIP constitutes one of the leading organizations in Cyprus in the field of global education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM and sustainable growth. The mission of the organization is implementing cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approaches, as a response to fundamental social, educational and environmental challenges and policy gaps, mainly by employing technology transfer and operationalizing the research findings.

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GoINNO Institute (SI)

GoINNO Institute has been established in 2016, as a non-profit private organisation dedicated to science outreach and STEM education.GoINNO Institute’s goal is to increase the awareness of STEM importance and to excite the young generation to start loving science and maybe someday pursue their studies in STEM area. As it is expected that STEM oriented professionals will be highly desirable in the coming years, unemployment can be lowered, if more children decide to pursue STEM careers.One of the goals is also to increase the awareness of the general public that STEM is an important and interesting area linked to our future, as we heavily depend on STEM to improve our quality of life with innovations in science, technology and engineering.



Trànsit Projectes (ES)

Trànsit Projectes mission is to facilitate the access to the social and cultural capital of the citizens by the empowerment of people, the support to organizations and territorial development and innovation. It combines the management of a number of cultural and community centres in Barcelona area, cultural and creative productions, a makerspace and international vocation, specially in Europe and Latin America.

contact: Òscar Martínez
+34 933194750

5th High School of Agrino (GR)

The 5th Senior High School of Agrinio is a secondary institute for students between 16-18. The school is located opposite of the National Stadium of Agrinio in a quiet suburb well away from the city centre. In the past it used to be a vocational school offering classes on computer science; thus it possesses fully equipped computer labs.

Apart from computer labs, the school possesses a well-armed natural science laboratory, a spacious hall where various events (speeches, seminars, projections) are held, a basketball ground and ample space for other sport activities. Except for its active participation in Comenius & Erasmus+ projects, it has taken part in plenty of educational ones, mostly cultural and environmental. Lots of educational excursions have been organized within the framework of these projects.

Many students have won awards and praises in art contests and science competitions and a significant percentage of the third grade students succeed in the exams for entering university every year. An active drama team and an environmental one aim at promoting art and ecology among the students.

logo vesthimmerland

Vesthimmerlands Museum (DK)

VMÅ is a state-supported museum with responsibility for archeology and recent cultural history in Vesthimmerland in northern Jutland. It was founded in 1920. In 1935 built the first museum building, which was expanded in 1977 and later in 1999 to the current framework in buildings, designed by the artist Per Kirkeby. The museum also houses the Himmerland Art Museum. In 2013 The Vesthimmerland Museum took over the operation of “the Stone Age Center” in Ertebølle, The museum has its own archeological department, recent departmen and local history archives. There are 22 employees on the payroll.Furthermore several volunteers have their daily work at the museum. The exhibition is espcialy built around a rich collection from prehistoric periods as well as smaller but very fine collection of objects from recent times.The exhibition is especially known for: Erteboelle Culture – a mesolithic period, The Skarpsalling vessel from the Neolithic period, The Gundestrup Cauldron and the Viking fortress called Aggersborg